Information For Speakers

This page is for confirmed speakers and panelists at Card Forum.  If your session has not been confirmed yet, please see here for details on speaking opportunities.

Creating your Presentation

Most sessions at Card Forum are 30 or 45 minutes long, with the exception of the 10 minute PayX Demos. We recommend you plan for approximately 3-5 minutes of audience Q&A within your allotted time.  This can vary if you are part of a joint presentation or panel.  Please reach Card Forum senior program manager Ian McRae at if you have further questions or need additional guidance.

The optimal PowerPoint slide size for Card Forum is 16:9.  By default, PowerPoint selects 4:3. To change this, from the Design ribbon select Page Setup and change the "Slides sized for:" to On-screen Show (16:9).  The Card Forum template is already set to 16:9.  You can download the template here.

If your session includes slides, please send them to Kimberly Azzopardi at no later than close of business on Monday, April 17, 2017.

Presentation Tips from the Card Forum Attendees

Every presentation and panel discussion is different.  There are many different effective styles and approaches, but Card Forum attendees made the below recommendations for our speakers and panelists.

  • Start your presentation with a hook. Explain the importance or the outcome you achieved first and then go into detail about how you got there.
  • Keep text to a minimum and split long bulleted lists into multiple slides, if possible.
  • Try to wrap up your session with a few takeaways and action points. 
  • We recommend that you include a slide at the end with your contact information.

AV Equipment and Room Stage Layout

If you are in the General Session room, you will have a confidence monitor and a choice of using the podium mic or lavalier mic (if you like to roam).  If you have a preference, please let us know when you submit your slides.

Most of the breakout session rooms will have a podium with a laptop computer which will have your presentation already loaded, provided you submit it by the deadline.  Most rooms will have a 2-3 foot tall stage at the front of the room with a panel table and tabletop podium.

We do not record video or audio of our sessions.

Panel Preparation

Panel preparation begins 4-5 weeks out prior to the event.  If you have not received a preparation email from your panel moderator by Friday, April 14, please notify senior conference programmer Ian McRae at

At the Conference

  • Check in at the conference registration desk in the foyer of the Austin Grand Ballroom on the 6th Floor to pick up your speaker badge.
  • Keep us updated. If you bring an updated version of your presentation on flash drive or laptop, email it to  no later than the day before you are scheduled to present so that we can make sure the presentation posted to our conference app and your presentation room is the latest version.
  • Stop by the Speaker Ready Room.  Need a spot to make adjustments to your slides?  Or would you like to pull together your panel participants for one last run through?  Stop by the Card Forum registration desk for access to our Speaker Ready Room.
  • AFTER YOUR SESSION:  After you step off the stage from your session, we ask that you proceed immediately to the Card Forum Speaker Access Lounge for 30 minutes.  We like to provide our attendees with an opportunity to engage with the speakers and find answers to their questions from our expert speaker faculty.  If attendees approach the stage after your session, we ask that you kindly invite them to carry on the conversation in the Speaker Access Lounge located just outside the session rooms.  We greatly appreciate your help with this new initiative that will allow for increased knowledge sharing and smoother transitions between the sessions.