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Fontainebleau Miami Beach
4441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Friday, April 29, 2011

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Top Fraud Trends for 2011 and Beyond
Beth Summers, Director, Product Management, Fraud and Risk, FIRST DATA

Staying on top of the latest fraud trends is key to minimizing losses and maximizing cardholder protection. This session will cover the top fraud trends in 2011, including what they are and how issuers and their cardholders can best protect themselves. The session will include recommendations about preventing, detecting and resolving fraud for credit, debit, prepaid, retail and commercial payments across major card brands.

11:05 AM - 11:50 AM
EMV Adoption and Fraud Prevention
Deborah Baxley, Principal, Banking, CAPGEMINI
Moderator: Catherine Johnston, Chairman, ISCAN, President & CEO, ACT CANADA
Mike Kutsch, Principal, PAYMENT STRATEGY, LLC
Patricia Partelow, VP, Network Emerging Payments, American Express, EMVCO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVE

For decades, the U.S. has looked the other way as the rest of the world deployed EMV technology to fight fraud. Changes in fraud, cost, revenue and new technology make today the right time for the U.S. to reconsider EMV adoption. What are the barriers to adoption, and how are players in the market working to overcome them?

11:55 AM - 12:40 PM
Best Practices for Improving Your Fraud Prevention Program
Eric Kraus, AVP, Fraud Management, FIS
Mike Urban, Director of Fraud Solutions, FICO

With fraud thieves continually evolving their tactics to penetrate cardholder data and steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting consumers, maintaining flexibility and adaptability in your fraud prevention program is imperative for you to protect your customers. In this informative session, you will learn best practices for optimizing your fraud prevention program to peak performance, and explore the role of data and analytics to protect your card assets.