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Thursday, November 4, 2010

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM


Barry Kirk, Solution Vice President, Consumer Loyalty, MARITZ
Chip Lerwick, Division Vice President, Financial Services Group, MARITZ

Customers are more demanding than ever and their options for loyalty programs are growing fast. To attract and retain customers in this hyper-competitive environment, banks must think creatively about their programs and be evolving them at all times.. If any aspect of your customer experience involves interaction with your employees – and of course it does -  a part of this evolution has to be focused on the link between your customers and employees

A new approach to loyalty is needed – one that focuses on generating lasting customer attitudes and behaviors toward the brand, its products and services. Whether your bank is creating a loyalty program for the first time or it has had one in place for years, this session will cover several key principles of human behavior that enable you to engage more thoroughly and personally with your customers.


Join us for this engaging session to:

  • Learn how to assess your current program, and how you can use measurement tools, engagement strategies and game mechanics to amp up the effectiveness of your efforts.
  • Learn the progression from transactional and rational relationships with your customers to relationships based on "irrational loyalty."
  • Learn about the link between employee engagement and customer loyalty, and how to align these two initiatives.
  • Discover how through a deep understanding of people, marketers can tap into the way our minds and emotions work, and create programs based on mutual gain and true engagement.
  • Turn your loyalty program into a program that creates truly loyal customers.
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