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Monday, October 4, 2010

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Moderator: Trevor Mast, Director, Loyalty Finance & Analytics, FIS
Stephanie Cohen, Contributing Editor, COLLOQUY and Partner, LOYALTYONE CONSULTING
Moderator: Bob Legters, VP, Loyalty Services, FIS
Jennifer Murphy, AVP, Product Solutions & Strategies, CITY NATIONAL BANK

It has been said that “change” is the one constant. Sometimes we choose to change in order to pursue new opportunities. Other times, we are forced to rethink, retool and re-energize something, even if they are working, due to changes that are out of our control. Loyalty debit programs are a perfect example of a program that is proving successful for many issuers, but due to impending legislation, the program parameters may need to be retooled.

We have all witnessed the successful growth of loyalty programs over the years. And in some cases, witnessed them change in ways that provided new opportunities. The airlines industry, for example, is surviving some of the toughest times in history with their loyalty programs intact. They might charge for luggage now, but passengers are still earning points when they fly.

Launching loyalty programs on prepaid cards to increase load values and drive transactions is an emerging opportunity that is finding success. Adding loyalty to a healthcare program is looking more promising with grant-funding legislation and increased consumer interest.

A panel of distinguished speakers with many years of industry insights will engage the audience in conversation about the Future of Loyalty Programs. We will explore potential changes to debit programs, emerging opportunities with prepaid cards and healthcare, and the topics that are on the top of your mind.

Lunch will be served.

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