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Arizona Biltmore
2400 E. Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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Monday, October 4, 2010

2:20 PM - 3:05 PM
Track: Debit Track View Track


Inderpreet Batra, Partner, OLIVER WYMAN
Judith McGuire, Executive Vice President, Product Management, PULSE, A DISCOVER COMPANY

How does the performance of your debit portfolio compare with your peers?  How are various players reacting to regulatory changes in the industry?  Join Oliver Wyman and PULSE as they discuss key performance metrics related to debit cards, transactions, Reg E, debit economics, rewards, fraud and more.  Using data from the 2010 Debit Issuer Study, the definitive study of the debit card market based on primary research with 64 financial institutions representing more than 78 million debit cards, they will examine the performance of peer issuers.  The session will also focus on issuers’ outlook on the future, where the major opportunities and challenges reside, and effective ways to stay ahead of the curve as the industry adapts to the new regulatory framework.

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