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7:30 - 12:00 Daniel WolfeMargaret WeichertLee K. BroekmanTiffani Montez


The Most Influential Women In Payments


Daniel Wolfe
Editor in Chief, PaymentsSource

Margaret Weichert
Principal – Americas Payments Lead, EY

Lee K. Broekman
Principal, Organic Communication

Tiffani Montez
Senior Analyst, Aite Group


Session Description

The Most Influential Women In Payments



Welcoming Remarks - Daniel Wolfe, Editor in Chief, PaymentsSource


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Margaret Weichert, Principal Financial Services Performance Improvement, EY


Print, Person, Panel and Phone: How the Medium Changes Your Message

Lee Broekman, Principal, Organic Communication


In an age of digital distraction and information overload, how do we communicate compellingly? The medium does change the message. When we understand the impact of the communication channel that we're using - VC, phone, computer - on our message, we're able to adjust and adapt, to deliver a powerful presentation and convincing communication. As much as 93% of communication is nonverbal. When the communication is online or mobile, ambient distractions make it much more difficult to focus. When facial expressions and body language are removed from the interaction, how do we account for tone and make sure our intention is the receiver's interpretation? How do we turn our voices and visuals into a business development machine that actually wows our audiences and translates into real business?

This engaging presentation provides participants with deep and rapid learning, and offers new, memorable and immediately actionable skills. Participants leave with an understanding of how to use the four main communication channels to their advantage in order to:

  • Create emotional connection which drives decision making
  • Turn content that repels into content that compels
  • Make the complex and confusing, clear and concise
  • Learn best practices for webinars, mobile, videoconference, person and print communications






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Industry Panel



Predictive Analytics: Paving the Path to Competitive Differentiation

Tiffani Montez, Senior Analyst, Aite Group


 Closing Honoree Panel Discussion



Presentation of Honorees

Awards presented by:

Margaret Weichert, Principal Financial Services Performance Improvement, EY

Daniel Wolfe, Editor in Chief, PaymentsSource


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