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4:55 - 5:40 Troy DennisStefan HappRichard GoldmanBrian DuganCharles Christianson


Panel: Building Customer Loyalty Through Rewards


Troy Dennis
Head of Credit Card Product Management and Acquisition, TD Bank

Stefan Happ
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Global Prepaid & Alternative Payments, American Express

Richard Goldman
Founder and CEO, Competiscan

Brian Dugan
SVP, Emerging Commerce Group Executive, FIS

Charles Christianson
Chief Commercial Officer, Connexions Loyalty


Session Description

During this conversation, you’ll hear input from industry experts on 3 main themes:

•             Habituation – It’s critical to make rewards relevant and recurrent for your customers.  You’ll hear: How to meet customers where they are instead of asking them to meet you where you want them to be. How to use mobile to increase habituation.

•             Social narrative compass – Loyalty is built through rewards and the stories they create. You’ll hear: How to use social channels to listen and then define the narrative with your customers.

•             Artificial intelligence – Innovative facilitators like bots help loyalty programs deliver a whole new level of personalization. You’ll hear: How to make conversations with your customers more relevant and helpful. How to leverage AI to enable habituation and encourage frictionless engagement.


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