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2:25 - 2:55 Rob Guilfoyle


Waiting For Money: The Story of Real-Time Payments & Consumers


Rob Guilfoyle
Founder & CEO,


Session Description

Text messages are sent in real-time, voicemails are transcribed and sent real time, stock purchases happen in real-time and with the hyperloop, travel may become instant. Yet, no one ever said "Sure, take two-extra days to pay me."

So why doesn't money and the movement of value feel real-time? With the formation of the Faster Payments Task Force, things are beginning to take shape which will impact the way people manage their financial lives in a big way.

Join us to explore how financial technology and services companies are leveraging Dwolla's ACH transfer platforms to bypass the batch files and begin moving money and value in real-time. This isn't a conversation about banking per se, it's a conversation about user experience, security and getting money from point A to point B now, not later.



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