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4:30 - 5:15 Julie PukasAli RazaMichelle Bonner TechelPrianka Advani


The Role Of Mobile And Digital In Driving Cardholder Engagement


Julie Pukas
Head of US Card & Merchant Services, TD Bank

Ali Raza
Lead Principal Advisor, North America, UL Transaction Security

Michelle Bonner Techel
Senior Vice President, Consumer Financial Solutions, Wells Fargo & Company

Prianka Advani
AVP of Daily Experiences, USAA


Session Description

The mobile and digital revolution sweeping across the financial services and payments industry presents significant new opportunities for banks to engage with their credit cardholders in a much more meaningful fashion. There are also several risks as third party wallet providers, social media companies, and Fintech companies encroach upon the payments industry. In this panel we will be discussing how the credit card industry is re-tooling its business and marketing infrastructure to take advantage of mobile / digital channels to build greater cardholder loyalty, grow portfolio income and ultimately remain relevant.

  • New opportunities with mobile / digital? What’s the credit card innovation agenda?
  • Leverage across the cardholder lifecycle – acquisition, activation, usage, retention, etc.?
  • Third-party mobile payments wallets vs. bank wallets? Risk of bank and issuer disintermediation with third-party wallets? Do banks need to work harder to preserve customer relationships?
  • Description of specific programs take advantage of the new possibilities created by mobile – eg. location based offers, contextual marketing via social media, instant rewards redemption at the POS, etc.  Key learnings
  • The Future - Do banks / issuers successfully transition to new business models and improve cardholder loyalty or become back-end utility providers?



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