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2:25 - 3:10 Brad Selby


Payments Is The Marketing Tool You Shouldn't Be Ignoring


Brad Selby
VP, Merchant Services, Affirm


Session Description

Millennials are revolutionizing the way the way that retailers must think about the buying process.  Merchants can no longer rely merely on great products and services to win over Millennials, but must focus on those differentiating features that create a seamless purchase experience.  It goes beyond omni-channel.  It's about the way that Millennials uniquely want to buy - not with credit cards that they perceive as "bad debt" - but with payment options that provide them with budget flexibility and assurance that they are making a responsible financial decision.  Innovations in payment technologies have proven to reduce friction in the buying process among Millennials, ultimately increasing  sales conversions, driving higher AOVs, and boosting these shoppers' loyalty to the retailers who offer them.  And merchants who know how to use their unique payment methods in their marketing across the conversion funnel successfully stand out from their competitors and win the sale.  


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