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1:55 - 2:25 Laura BradyLynn B. Grubb


Loyalty Trends, Consumer Behavior and The New Economy


Laura Brady
Business Development & Growth Strategy, American Express Loyalty Edge

Lynn B. Grubb
Head of New Client Partnerships, American Express Loyalty Edge


Session Description

In this session, LoyaltyEdge will discuss innovation in the loyalty space and share their latest research on consumer attitudes towards the “new economy.” They explore the factors that are influencing buying decisions and provide an overview of the 4 most disruptive trends to watch for: the sharing economy, on-demand economy, recommendation economy and wellness economy. You will hear thought provoking examples about interesting brands that have recognized these shifts in consumer behavior and are quickly adapting their rewards and engagement strategies. This presentation will help financial executives better understand today’s consumers and how they can turn threats into opportunities through their loyalty programs.


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