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Digital Money

Payments Innovation Day

Who is the next disruptor? The breakthrough in payments? The start-up that changes how consumers pay for things?

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Track: Debit sponsored by Discover View Track


Moderator: Steve Kietz, EVP/GM, Strategic Partnerships, EDO INTERACTIVE
Richard Char, Senior Vice President of Business Development, VERIFONE
Madeline Aufseeser, Senior Analyst, AITE GROUP
Cheryl Hintz, VP, Debit Product Strategy, US BANK
Todd Harbison, Chief Revenue Officer, TRANSCARD

Financial Institutions are continually looking for new ways to drive value for today's connected customers. Card-Linked Offers are among the newest trends in the banking industry, marrying bankcards with merchant offers, intelligently targeted to drive consumer usage. The ability for near-instant redemption and credit provide a powerful advantage for our bank partners. 

Join Transcard CEO Craig Fuller, Citi Enterprise Payments Head of Digital Networks and Merchant Relations Richard Char and Steve Kietz, FI Channel General Manager at edo for a discussion on the intersection of Performance Marketing and Card Linked Offers. This panel will cover:

  • Defining card-linked offers and exploring how they leverage mobile to form a trusted 1:1 communication channel to targeted consumers
  • Explore how Citi and Transcard leverage card linked offers and data-driven insights from their members, increasing sales & customer touch points and new customer acquisition to increase interaction and generate stable, predictable revenue
  • Provide case histories from top 10 card issuers exploring mobile and hyper-localized trends
  • Discuss the latest technologies including how CLOs are part of all mobile wallets, and how CLOs can leverage smartphone features like calendar, contact list, maps, etc.
  • Explain how to find data insights to drive a more intelligent marketing strategy, and how financial institutions can work with advertisers to forge meaningful relationships that benefit customers, brands and banks
  • Share thoughts on how other trends in mobile- NFC, Paypal moving to retail, Apple vs. Samsung, Google Wallet- are working to disrupt the traditional channels of payment and transforming bank marketing


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