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Digital Money

Payments Innovation Day

Who is the next disruptor? The breakthrough in payments? The start-up that changes how consumers pay for things?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

8:15 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.


Tony Hayes, Partner, OLIVER WYMAN
Ed Kadletz, EVP, Head of Debit and Prepaid Cards, WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.
Cecilia Frew, Head of U.S. Prepaid, VISA, INC.
Ben Stewart, SVP, Debit Executive, BANK OF AMERICA

In this important keynote session, the heads of some of the nation’s largest debit issuers discuss their business in a post-Regulation II environment.  And, given a court’s recent ruling on the Fed’s interpretation of the Durbin Amendment debit regulations might change again, making this discussion especially timely. 

Some of the critical issues to be explored by this panel include:

  • New debit strategies – Interchange income on debit cards is much lower now than it was prior to October 2011, significantly weakening the ROI on debit-related investments.  Given debit’s new economics, how are customer strategies changing, such as rewards and fees?
  • New cost paradigms – Lower revenue has prompted issuers to aggressively manage their cost base.  Where are some of the biggest opportunities for cost efficiencies?  What strategies are most effective at reducing fraud losses?
  • New debit transactions – Historically, a number of issuers preferred signature debit transactions.  Now, some debit networks are introducing PIN transactions that route over signature networks and others are promoting PINless PIN transactions.  How are customers changing their payment behavior?  What’s the future of debit transactions and debit networks?
  • New technologies – There’s a lot of speculation about EMV and mobile payments, spanning why, when and how.  What factors should issuers consider when evaluating these new technologies?

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