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Thursday, March 21, 2013

2:45 p.m. -
Track: Operations/Strategy View Track


Moderator: Steve Stark, Director, US Practice, BRIDGEFORCE
Christopher J. Couch, Managing Partner, COUCH, CONVILLE & BLITT LLC
Tony L'Abbate, Senior Vice President, Operations Control, NCO
Robert H. Obringer, SVP, Compliance/General Counsel, PHILLIPS & COHEN ASSOCIATES, LTD.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau made it official last year that larger debt collection entities (e.g., agencies, debt buyers, attorneys) will come under federal supervision for the first time beginning Jan. 2, when they will begin oversight.  With the world of third party debt collections changing rapidly, we as an industry are all trying to determine what standards we need to comply with and how to best prepare.  In response, many of the largest lenders are aggressively re-tooling their Vendor Management Programs based upon the premise that they are required to monitor/control external vendors as closely as their own internal operations.  The impacts of this will be felt across the entire industry and not just by the larger players.  This session will provide participants with real-time cross industry perspectives on what key stakeholders are doing to proactively prepare for and address these new regulatory/control requirements.


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