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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? The Changing Face of Payments Fraud – and Strategies to Fight Back
Stephanie Fuoco, Risk Manager, FISERV
Kristen Hinton, Debit & Prepaid Portfolio Manager, VYSTAR CREDIT UNION

 It’s difficult to know when, where, or why fraud will take place, but it’s certain to eventually rear its ugly head.  That’s because fraudsters lurk near every transaction.  Financial institutions run the risk of being overrun by payments fraud if they are unable to identify benign activity from criminal acts. But who are today’s fraudsters – and is their profile changing?  What new shapes is fraud taking? And what can your financial institution do to recognize it and fight back? This session will talk about the latest fraud trends and strategies you can use to proactively support your payments channels. Find out how prevention strategies can become tangible business differentiators that improve customer satisfaction while reducing your fraud losses.

2:50 PM - 3:35 PM
Fraud Migration in an EMV World
Moderator: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT CANADA
Tracey Black, President, GFH GROUP INC.
Owen Gingras, Director of Operations and Technology, Financial Services, WAL-MART
Oliver Manahan, Director, Business Development, INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES

Based on the experiences of issuers in other regions, EMV has delivered fraud benefits. But data has shownthat fraud migrates to regions that have not converted to EMV and to channels where CNP payments occur. As issuers continue to question the value of EMV, data that demonstrates how fraud migrates to non EMV regions could provide the impetus for adoption and prove the value of EMV in protecting consumers and merchants from fraudsters in channels where EMV security can be leveraged.

3:50 PM - 4:35 PM
Using Alternative Data to Inform Risk and Marketing Decisioning
George Shand, Credit Card Industry Director, Scores and Analytics, FICO

Assessing risk profiles is crucial in creating financial products for thin-file and/or the underbanked.  But with little to no credit history or traditional means of assessing credit risk, informed decisions become chalennging.  However, the use and evaluation of alternative data and analysis can help with decision-making and ultimately open up opportunities for issuers looking to grow their businesses among this potential customer base.  In this presentation, you'll hear about:

  • The need for consistency across organizations to facilitate compliance, not only domestically but international compliance and Basel III implications
  • Issues around ability to pay and the use of income in decisioning; research in income estimation and use of income/asset information in decision making
  • Portfolio growth and identifying best acquisition targets; propensity and time-to-event modeling and concepts around simulation and digital marketing


4:40 PM - 5:25 PM
What to Expect from the CFPB in the Coming Year
Maureen Day, Partner, ERNST & YOUNG
Stephanie Robinson, Partner, K&L GATES