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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
The Power of Spend Data: How Retailers and Service Providers Can Utilize it to Serve Consumers Better and Provide them with Unique Value
Troy Anthony, VP, KEYBANK
Nandan Mer, Group Executive, Loyalty Solutions, MASTERCARD WORLDWIDE
Zack Jalbert, Online Marketing Manager, EBAGS.COM
Schwark Satyavolu, Co-Founder and CEO, TRUAXIS, A MASTERCARD COMPANY

In a world of constrained economic resources, issuers and merchants are positioned to help consumers get greater value for their spending. Working in partnership with these institutions, MasterCard developed industry-leading capabilities that obtain optimal value for cardholders at retail stores, and on their recurring utility payments. With the requisite permissions, MasterCard translates a consumer’s spend data into a highly personalized understanding of their individual lifestyle needs. It can then provide retailers with recommendations to deliver enhanced value to each consumer through their issuer. Value comes as highly targeted offers, reward accelerators and bill analysis—for example, whether the consumer has selected the most appropriate utility provider for their needs or if they have chosen the best plan with their existing utility provider.

Hosting a panel comprised of a financial institution, a retailer and a consumer, MasterCard will demonstrate how to secure enhanced value for the consumer and how cardholders benefit.

2:50 PM - 3:35 PM
Fidelity Investments Cobrand Card Program: Lessons Learned in Program Integration
Stefan Ross, Director, Credit and Debit Card Products, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS
Rob Finkelstein, VP, Program Development, PARTNER ADVISORS

Fidelity Investment's award winning cobrand card program has evolved from an accommodation" product to a core part of the retail customer experience. The goal of the session will be to provide insights into how Fidelity made the product a core feature of its cash management offering, and lessons in successful integration within the total customer experience from both acquisition and usage perspectives. The session will focus on the benefits of the unique partnership between Fidelity and the program partners and providers, and the evolving role of payments and related products within an investment company context. The session with be will be led by Stefan Ross from Fidelity Investments and Rob Finkelstein from Partner Advisors, who will provide a deep dive on the challenges behind the program integration, the customer centric development of the program and the overall program success metrics.

3:50 PM - 4:35 PM
Delivering Experiences through Brand Engagement
Charles Christianson, Chief Commercial Officer, CONNEXIONS LOYALTY
Bob Daly, SVP, Retail Payment Solutions, U.S. BANK

Your brand is an evolving novel, and the next chapter is the turning point:  enabling and extending - truly enriching - your customers' lives.   You’ll hear how U.S. Bank's FlexPerks program has evolved to focus on not only brand awareness, consideration, acquisition and activation, but also usage, engagement, redemption, retention and advocacy. You’ll see how FlexPerks delivers experiences that result in increased customer engagement and loyalty, including:

  • Innovations in the program, including EMV-enabled cards
  • New partnerships that US Bank has developed to focus on the customer experience
  • Looking ahead to new travel and mobile-related enhancements to the program

4:40 PM - 5:25 PM
Loyalty Gifting and Sharing: How Social Media is changing what we do with points
Moderator: Molly Plozay, FIRST DATA
Matt Flynn, Director of Client Relations, THE MEMBERS GROUP
Paul Kelzer, EVP, Client Services, RAZR MARKETING

Maximizing relationships with consumers - incenting broader adoption of value-added services - has been a long-time goal of many financial institutions. With continued adoption of social media among 'non-tech' or 'less-tech' groups, financial institutions have an emerging opportunity to reach consumers in ways that are meaningful for them. This new entry point into relationship loyalty allows consumers to take charge of their programs and create a higher-valued loyalty currency. Molly Plozay, vice president, First Data Loyalty Services, and [FI co-presenter TBD] will share the lessons learned in launching a new twist on relationship loyalty - consumer directed gifting, sharing and philanthropic giving. The session will examine three key considerations when launching a social gifting site. The presenters will look at the benefits of letting consumers direct their own programs - making choices such as who is and isn't part of a household, and what accounts should or should not be included when linking accounts together or taking them apart.