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Monday, April 8, 2013

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM


Laurie Roth, Vice President Co-Brand Business Development, MASTERCARD
Joe Hurley, SVP, Global Business Development, DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES
Don Kingsborough, Vice President of Retail and Prepaid Products, PAYPAL

Discover and PayPal partnered on a ground‐breaking initiative to make PayPal available at millions of instore locations across the United States with the nationwide rollout to begin by mid‐year 2013. With the payments industry changing and growing rapidly because of technology’s impact on consumer behavior, what opportunities are available in the way of collaborations that will position your firm for success?

This session will:

  • Give an overview and update of the progress of the PayPal/Discover initiative
  • Analyze other successful relationships in the payments space
  • Identify key traits to winning relationships in payments
  • Highlight where future  opportunities lie in the payments space
  • Outline key criteria to determine whether a collaboration is right for your firm

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