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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

3:50 PM - 4:35 PM
Track: Card Trends and Opportunities View Track


Moderator: Eric Lindeen, Director of Marketing, ZOOT ENTERPRISES
Patrick McGuckin, Strategic Services Director, BARCLAYCARD US
Michael Misasi, Senior Analyst, MERCATOR ADVISORY GROUP
Randy Watson, VP, Global Client Services, ACXIOM

Online has recently overtaken batch mail as the primary channel for financial institutions' (FIs) credit card acquisition efforts. This seismic shift represents a huge opportunity for lenders who are able to capitalize on the realtime nature of today's customer interactions. This panel will focus on the importance for FIs to revitalize their credit card programs and adapt their acquisition strategies, processes, and technology to handle realtime online credit card applications. FI's online acquisition program needs to be dynamic, giving them the ability to quickly change their offers and customize them for each customer. There will be discussion around how low response rates from batch mail offers have influenced this shift. FIs will learn how they can optimize their online offers and their marketing for their credit card products, in order to stay ahead of their competition. Another important learning point that will come from this panel is the realtime infrastructure that is needed to acquire new customers from the online channel. This panel will offer the audience insight from industry leaders and recent research exploring this topic. The audience will come away from the panel with a better understanding of what their FI needs to do in order to gain a competitive advantage in the golden era of online credit card acquisition.

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