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Monday, April 8, 2013

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM


Rob Rosenblatt, CEO, UNIRUSH LLC

How can prepaid companies connect with their customers and win their loyalty?  RushCard shares lessons learned from its customers after 10 years in business.  Understanding the underlying needs of customers and maintaining a sustained, tailored dialogue are of critical importance to building profitable, enduring customer relationships.  Just as importantly, prepaid marketers need to avoid preconceived notions of their customers’ needs and, instead, gather learning at every possible touch point – avoiding the mistakes that tend to alienate these customers whose needs are both unique and diverse.  Rob Rosenblatt, CEO of RushCard, will share learnings obtained over the years from RushCard customers who are incredibly candid, outspoken, and passionate.  He’ll also share best practices and offer a snapshot for the future of prepaid-customer relationships.  And finally, he’ll share what it’s like to work in a business founded by the iconic Russell Simmons, who remains heavily involved in the business and offers insights on a daily basis.

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