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Monday, October 22, 2012

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Rob Levy, Managing Director, CFSI
Nick Maynard, Senior Innovation Director, DOORWAYS TO DREAMS FUND
Jonathan Chao, Product Manager, CREDIT KARMA
Gary Goldberger, Co-Founder and President, FABLEVISION STUDIOS
Caroline Hribar, Director, Partner Development, PAYPERKS
Nicole Kendrot, Experience Architect, Content Developer, Cloudberry Creative, CENTZ
Richard Trask, CEO, Digital Eye LLC, MY NEXT CAR

If adoption of mobile payments is being met with hesitance, then engagement might be the answer.  Initial forays into the gamification of mobile financial service via mobile apps is a key way of reaching consumers from all segments of the population and is proving a particularly effective way to reach consumers who are either frustrated with their current financial services provider, or find services lacking. 

 This workshop will give attendees an understanding of the resources required and the process necessary for building relevant applications that will drive customer engagement with financial services providers, including:

  • The challenges of government regulation
  • What are the key things to contemplate when beginning the design/architecture process
  • Learnings from the field from top app designers
  • The next steps toward development


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