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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3:20 PM - 4:05 PM
Track: Debit: sponsored by PULSE View Track


Douglas Miraglia, President, MONEYPASS NETWORK

One of the lesser known results of the Durbin Amendment is that it now allows merchants the ability to own the customer interaction and ultimately which access fee cost structure they are subject to.  This is creating new opportunities for PIN acceptance, creating an environment where merchants still have a stake in the game and thus leverage with both Visa and MasterCard. Join Doug Mirgalia, the president of the MoneyPass Network, as he explains how merchants can now choose whether they want to use Maestro or Pulse for purchase transactions by their cardholders. The new service spares issuers from having to reissue cards because they already carry the Visa or MasterCard logos, thereby signaling to cardholders that a merchant location accepts debit.   

Key learnings include:

  • Understand how the Durbin Amendment has changed the rules and now gives the merchant acquirer the final say over which network a particular transaction is routed, depending on all the options a card affords.  
  • Have an understanding of how merchants and acquirers acting on their behalf will likely favor networks with lower rates. 
  • Have an overall understanding of how the Durbin Amendment impacts both PIN based transactions and non-PIN based transactions as well as how transactions which use dedicated debit network routing rails and those which process over either Visa or MasterCard processing avenues are both impacted. 

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