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Thursday, October 25, 2012

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


Peter Nash, Assistant Treasurer, CVS CAREMARK
Dee O'Malley, Director, Finance, BEST BUY
Jamie Henry, Senior Director, Payment Services, WAL-MART

In this keynote panel discussion, hear from some of the country’s top retailers on the critical issues facing the payments industry and their perspective on the road ahead.   Some of the key topics to be explored by our panelists include:

  • The aftermath of Durbin – Are retailers seeing lower costs?  Are consumers?  How has network routing changed?  
  • EMV – Do retailers plan to support EMV?  If so, when and in what form (PIN?  Contactless?)?
  • Mobile – Which approach to mobile payments has the most appeal (NFC, barcode)?  What is the outlook for the various mobile wallet solutions currently in the market?  Why did retailers see the need to build their own mobile wallet?

The session will conclude with interactive Q&A, providing a forum for the audience to raise topical issues and better understand the “last mile” of the payments ecosystem.

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