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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2:20 PM - 3:05 PM
Track: ATM View Track


Don Ledet, EVP, Director of Retail Support Services, IBERIABANK
Tim Witt, Senior Director, Integrated Services, DIEBOLD

Outsourced ATM services are helping financial institutions reduce capital expenditures, meet compliance mandates, incorporate new technologies and improve the predictability of operating expenses at the self-service channel. Outsourcing enables institutions to relinquish the end-to-end delivery, management and maintenance of complex solutions to a single partner. In this presentation by IBERIABANK and Diebold, learn how an outsourcing strategy has helped the bank overcome system integration challenges faced while rapidly growing its fleet to more than 200 ATMs. Following multiple acquisitions, IBERIABANK turned to Diebold to provide consistency across its fleet - for both features and functionalities. Outsourced solutions have standardized IBERIABANK's hardware, software, transaction processing and deposit automation capabilities. They have also enhanced IBERIABANK's ATM uptime via remote monitoring, diagnostic and repair solutions. As a result, IBERIABANK is delivering a consistent ATM experience across its growing service area, while affording bank personnel the time to better serve customers at the self-service channel and beyond.

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