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Thursday, May 10, 2012

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM
ACE Hardware Rewards Cards
Jody Allen, Channel Manager, ACE HARDWARE
Jonathan Gelfand, Managing Director, PARTNER ADVISORS

Session will be a case study on how Ace Hardware was successful in integrating their new cobrand card program into Ace's market leading rewards program with over 25 million rewards members. Through a customer-centric product development process, Ace Hardware was able to create a best-in-class cobrand card value proposition to drive deeper customer engagement and loyalty.When Ace Hardware decided to launch a new to the market cobranded credit card program, they knew the challenges would be large: (1) integrating the new cobrand card into one of the largest retail programs in the US; (2) gaining buy-in across all of the co-op stores across the US; and (3) developing a compelling cobrand value proposition to break through in a crowded marketplace.This session will provide a deep dive on the challenges behind the rewards integration, the customer centric development of the program and the overall program success metrics.

2:50 PM - 3:35 PM
The Growing UDAAP Risk for Rewards Programs
Mike Lamberth, VP, Compliance, CAPITAL ONE
Sarah Olthoff, Sr. Compliance Director, CAPITAL ONE
Megan Baynes, Compliance Manager, PNC BANK

Rewards programs have traditionally not posed significant compliance or reputation risks to institutions offering them. However, rewards programs are emerging as a growing area of UDAAP and reputation risk. Regulators, including the CFPB, have begun to look very closely at these programs, including how they are structured, what information is communicated to customers, how well they are operationally managed, and what value these product truly provide to a customer. This session will include a discussion of evolving key risks of these programs, and we will share proactive strategies institutions can take to mitigate these emerging risks.

3:50 PM - 4:35 PM
The Competitive World of Cash-Back Cards
Joel Stanton, Senior Analyst, LIGHTSPEED RESEARCH

All of the largest credit card issuers offer a cash-back card, and the competitive stakes are high as they attempt to attract and retain cash-focused consumers. But how do the cards compare when it comes to actual customer usage of the cards? Based on data from Lightspeed Research's proprietary Behavioral Tracking Panel, this session will examine key metrics across each of the major cash back credit cards, including Discover More, Chase Freedom, American Express Blue Cash, and others. Which cards produce the most spend? The highest balances? The most likely to be top-of-wallet? The most likely to be used at gas stations, grocery stores, and other merchant categories? And, finally, how do consumer demographics compare from one card to the next? This session will answer all of these questions and more.

4:40 PM - 5:25 PM
Going the Extra Mile by Sticking Close to Home: How to Leverage Local Merchants to Drive Card Spend
Fern Fernandez, Managing Director of Marketing Programs and Loyalty, US AIRWAYS
Sarah Arvin, VP, Loyalty Programs, CARTERA COMMERCE

Co-branded card issuers recognize the value that consumer affinity for partner brands brings to the table. Consumer groups, such as miles junkies" are extremely incentivized to spend on-card in order to earn the rewards they crave, driving value for all parties. This up close look at the US Airways partnership will demonstrate how they are partnering with local merchants across the country to drive revenue from the explosive local advertising market through card-linked marketing programs. By allowing US Airways members to earn miles right in their neighborhoods at local stores, the issuer and airline drive loyalty, card spend and accelerated rewards earning.

In this session, learn from the experts about the step-by-step process they used to implement a card-linked offer marketing program.

Friday, May 11, 2012

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Creating Customer Loyalty through Mobile Technology
Leigh Amaro, Senior Business Leader, Media & Advertising Solutions, VISA, INC.

According to a February 2012 Forrester report, consumer attitudes toward loyalty have
deteriorated over the past three years and the number of consumers who feel that loyalty
programs don’t offer any real value jumped by 50% from 2008. According to a recent Visa
survey, over 70 percent of shoppers found less than half of all deals they currently receive to
be relevant to their needs. In addition to consumer perception, recent media has suggested
that merchant sentiment has also shifted. How can we change this?

In this session, you’ll hear how to close the loop between redemption, measurement and
consumer satisfaction using real-time technology. Examples from such businesses as the Gap,
Hilton and MGM will be shared, as well as examples of award-winning social applications to
deliver customized loyalty programs.

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Keep it Simple, Stupid: A Lesson in Creating True Customer Loyalty
Sherry Hartwig, SVP of Customer Care/Risk Operations, WORLD
Moderator: Eric Lindeen, Director of Marketing, ZOOT ENTERPRISES
Leslie McNamara, EVP, Partner Management, CITI RETAIL SERVICES

At a time when many financial institutions are trying to cut costs, many are struggling to find balance between cutting back on programs and products and ensuring a positive customer experience. You'll hear innovative ways of improving the customer experience while improving operational efficiency--proving that FIs don’t have to choose between operational efficiency and customer loyalty—they can have both.In this discussion, you'll get:

  • Insight into the simple, yet powerful strategies that WFB has used to build its unusually loyal customer base;
  • an understanding of how FIs can innovate in today’s market without overlooking the impact that basic processes have on customer satisfaction; and
  • a broader perspective on the concept of customer loyalty and the importance of providing a consistently great customer experience. 

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
Gamification and Emerging Engagement Models: Prepaid & Beyond
Charles Christianson, Chief Commercial Officer, CONNEXIONS LOYALTY
Brian Parlotto, SVP, Gift Cards, Digital and B2B, INCOMM

This will explore trends in loyalty and engagement as they examine the intersection of stored-value and prepaid cards, social media and the emerging powerhouse of gamification. Social media continues to change the landscape of customer interaction and new research reveals the power of gamification to drive customer and user response and loyalty. The Gartner Group suggests that by 2015, more than half of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those systems. These trends suggest powerful new engagement and loyalty strategies via prepaid and other products in the post-Durbin world.