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Friday, March 16, 2012

9:00 AM -


Panelist: Christine Pratt, Analyst, AITE GROUP
Panelist: Paul Gallucci, Director and Collections Offering Manager, CGI
Panelist: Joanne Gaskin, AMP, Senior Director, Scores and Analytics, FICO
Panelist: Tom Jordan, Director, Product Development/Sales Solutions - Collections, TRANSUNION

Above all else, the financial crisis has shown that predictive behavioral analytics and the underlying data are badly in need of a make-over to reflect the changing financial thinking of the U.S. consumer. And while most lender-focus continues to be on attracting customers, there is increasing realization that this is not going to be enough to improve the organization’s financial performance or in some case ensure its survival.

High delinquency along with rapidly shrinking portfolio dollars demand a fresh look at supporting technologies—analytics included—to produce more meaningful results from collection efforts. Join Aite Group Researcher Christine Pratt and a panel of forward-thinking industry executives in a pragmatic discussion of ongoing results-oriented critical initiatives in social media, alternative data, strategic defaults in mortgage, and small business credit risk as well as the new tools and information sources that are ramping up collection and recovery capabilities.

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