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Thursday, March 15, 2012

11:30 AM -


Session Leader: Brian Reiss, President, BRIDGEFORCE INC.
Panelist: Jamey Benedetto, VP, Collections Communication Strategy Manager, U.S. BANK
Panelist: Jim Blyskal, SVP, Collection Strategy Manager, Retail Payment Solutions Risk Management, U.S. BANK
Panelist: David Furlong, Vice President - Direct Marketing Fulfillment Manager, US BANK
Panelist: Thomas McNamara, Managing Director, QUATTRO DIRECT

During the credit crisis many lenders and servicers learned that differentiated targeted communications to distressed customers added significant lift over traditional “one size fits all” collections communications.

A handful of best- in-class lenders have embraced these opportunities and used the slowdown in new account marketing during the credit crisis to obtain external support to greatly improve their collections communications. US Bank’s Retail Payment Solutions (RPS) Group is one of the pioneers in this area, as they made a single commitment in 2009 to communicate the right collections message to the right customers at the right time, using their preferred channel.

During this panel US Bank RPS Collections & Recovery Strategy and Marketing Executives as well as Bridgeforce and Quattro Direct will share how they all worked together to transition US Bank RPS Collections from a traditional aged-based / non-targeted (“one-size fits all”) collections and recovery communications strategy to a continuous targeted marketing approach with differentiated strategies for each customer segment and the types of results they achieved so far.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Clearly defining Collections Communications Principles (e.g., voice, tone, messages, and look and feel)
  • Ensuring progressive and coordinated messages across channels that are consistent with collector work actions
  • Strategies for getting started
  • Establishing the proper experimental design structure to allow for rigorous champion / challenger messaging
  • Roles and responsibilities within a continuous Collections Marketing Plan

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