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Steve Rice

Executive Vice President, Financial Education, EverFi


Steve came to EverFi with a career focused on technology, education, and personal finance. He actually had a genetic predisposition toward these three things: his father was a financial advisor and also a professor, and his attorney mother drafted the first legislation in the entire United States to start the Charter School school movement in the 1980s. Prior to EverFi, Steve worked at LivingSocial, AOL, and as a technical consultant at Coca-Cola. At AOL, Steve worked on content websites, including AOL Finance and, as well as AOL@School, a program to give schools educational tools and content. While at LivingSocial, he led the Merchant Products group that allowed small businesses to market themselves on its social-buying platform. Prior to LivingSocial, Steve served on the board and also on the teacher of a school in Vienna, Virginia. Now, Steve is leading EverFi‘s Financial Education thought leadership. He is combining his experience, enthusiasm, and genes to find new and effective ways to help busy people leverage the advantages of online education. Steve graduated from Claremont McKenna College and did a semester of law school in France, but then realized that his life would not be like what he saw on the TV Show ’LA Law": he then pivoted his career into education and technology. Steve is passionate about EdTech, startups, data, Minnesota, competitive eating, piņa coladas, and weird stuff. Steve has three brilliant kids, an amazing wife, and an incontinent dog.