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Richard Goldman

Founder and CEO, Competiscan


Richard Goldman is the leading and longest tenured expert in the process of collecting direct marketing communications and materials. His industry leading company, Competiscan, currently serves the competitive intelligence and product development needs of marketers. Rich and his team have presented Competiscan’s findings at various industry functions including AHIP, American Fraternal Alliance, BIG, DALBAR, HPA, Life Affiliates, LIMRA, LOMA, LISSSG, Loyalty 360, NACII, IMCA, SIR, and SourceMedia’s Card Forum. With complete access to all of the direct marketing activity (including Direct Mail, Email, Mobile, Online Display, Print Ads, and Social Media) targeting Consumers, Business Owners, Insurance Agents, and Financial Advisors, Rich Goldman and Competiscan have redefined the ability of Insurance, Financial Services, and Third Party Marketing companies to track their competitors while gauging an understanding of the impact of their own materials and communications in the marketplaces they serve.