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Gray Taylor

Executive Director, Conexxus


Gray Taylor literally grew up in the convenience store industry with the opening of the family’s first convenience store in 1963.  Involved in the family business, comprised of 87 stores, Gray gained experience in all phases of convenience store and chain retail operations and pioneered financial services in the convenience industry. 

Gray has been involved on a variety of other industry businesses, including recapitalization of a public alternative fuels company, heading global product management for three of the world’s largest retail petroleum equipment and systems suppliers and Vice President of Research & Technology for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).

He has managed product portfolios that include retail systems, payment platforms and EMV platforms for markets from Malaysia to Canada.

Gray is currently consulting with NACS ( on card payment policy and serves as Executive Director for Conexxus (, the industry’s standards and technology non-profit.

Gray lives in Georgetown, TX with his wife Rachel and their 5 kids. He can be reached at +1 512.508.3469, or